Make your own mindful breathing wand

Lovely idea!

Art of Social Work

20140510-094452.jpg Teaching young children mindfulness is a lot easier and more fun than one might think. As an early childhood therapist, I adapt and find ways to make social and emotional lessons more creative and engaging for the little ones. I quickly found out that this works for mindfulness too!

Why notice your breath? I tell children how noticing their breath can actually help them calm down by simply paying attention to their body. I also talk about how breathing is your body’s special clue to how you are feeling (fast breathing could mean anger or fear, slow breathing relaxed, etc.).

Here’s a simple breathing mindfulness lesson that can be used individually with a child or with a group: Have the child or children start by noticing their breath. Have them put their hands up to their mouth and notice how the air is cool when they breathe in and warm…

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