Maintaining the integrity of mindfulness

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Well, it’s official. With the publication of the TIME cover story on “The Mindful Revolution” –which by the way is mostly accurate, well researched, and unstintingly positive—mindfulness has entered mainstream awareness. The article chronicles the growing popularity of mindfulness in corporate America and describes the extensive research confirming its effectiveness. Now the task of those of us who offer mindfulness to a broader audience is to ensure that the quality of instruction does not deteriorate and that the term itself doesn’t get coopted to apply to just about every kind of directed attention. Judging by what I’m reading, this misunderstanding may already be spreading.

You see, the point of mindfulness is to be aware of what’s happening right now, in your experience, without judgment or interpretation. Concentrating on a project at work or entering the zone in a sport isn’t necessarily mindfulness if it’s merely a form of conventional…

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