DAY 11 to 21

Day 11

Morning body scan

I woke up and thought to try the body scan first thing, just to see if I still fall asleep.

I used Jon Kabat-Zinn guided body scan.

Mind drifting a little. My right knee is not there – sensing the void, then a light tickling on the inner part of the kneecap – the left knee woke up, claimed my attention, acknowledging it is there, back to the right knee, then the upper leg.

I can pay attention to both legs, then the awareness drifts on and off for the upper part of the body, then I am with it again for the head and the whale breath…

DAY 12

A non guided morning scan saw me being with the sensations of my body for a full 20 minutes with very little drifting off – it’s nice when that happens, but I am trying to learn that it won’t always happen….

In the afternoon I sit – and after 20 minutes of mindfulness of breath I do a seated body scan.  And again a very brief one at a course I’m participating at night.

That makes 3 in a day, 3 different experiences, all three very grounding

Noticed: in all three BS my right leg was really “loud”

DAY 13

For a reason or the other I didn’t sit today, woke up late, run all over the place, and went to the gym – I did an attempt to be present with my physical sensation while I was on the treadmill but… honestly, I could only be with being out of breath!

DAY 14

Definitely one to be with a painful body sensation – I hurt my back while working outside and decided to stay with the pain, (or maybe the pain decided to stay with me….)

Breathing in and out of it, noticing the changes, the heat, trying to notice the edges of it.

DAY 15

Long drive to a week-end retreat.

Sitting with intention.

Feels good to be with a sangha.

DAY 16 and 17

I’m attending a retreat for mindfulness teachers – we practice, and practice in silence.  Coming back, turning towards, loving kindness.

Mindfulness of breath, of body, mindful movement, and staying with emotions, with difficulties.

My difficulty seems to want to vanish, I try to hold it there so that I can be with it… funny one!

I usually try to get rid of difficulties, and the moment one decides to have a good chat with it off they go!



Trust and connection.

DAY 18

Sitting in the morning, the mind is quite settled today, I try again to recall a difficulty, and again it tends to fade…

Is it the result of the challenge, added to my practice?


DAY 19

Oh I nearly missed that, finally the mind is on its drifting setting again !

Sitting and thinking of all the things I have to do, planning and having a very lively conversation with myself…

A quick body scan while having acupuncture, that is very interesting. I was trying to feel where the needles were, a bit of tingling, like a circle around the tip of the needle, a vibration, then nothing, emptiness of sensations, and then again something subtle.

In the evening I am sitting with pleasant emotions, I feel excitement, happiness, and a bit of anxiety at the prospect that tomorrow I’m going to start facilitating a new MBSR course. I can feel that in my heart, my belly, all my body receptive to contentment.

DAY 21

No “challenge” practice yesterday, the course took all my attention (ok, I did a body scan in the morning listening to my own voice recording – odd…)

And this morning again, another body scan –  as I teach the course I tend to do the same practices that the participants do.


One thought on “DAY 11 to 21

  1. Reading your journey took me only a short while. I am at work and full of busy energy. Feeling your words in my mind has cleared my thoughts, and reminded me about the stillness of being. What a gem of wonder your blog is to me this mucky Monday morning. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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