Day 4 to 7


This morning I sat after a short yoga practice, only ten minutes watching the breath.
I find that oftentimes sitting after some mindful movement for me is much easier: easier to be present when I move, to fully be in my body and aware of breathing and sensation, I felt my mind clearer, less crowded, and the ease with with my awareness could be on the breath was noticeable.

In the evening the Monday meditation group saw a greater attendance than ever before – every time there is someone new.

The hour sitting together flew, and there was a different feel in the air, maybe it’s the spring (here in Ireland it does start on the 1st of February…) or maybe it is because a number of the people present had participated to the silent day yesterday – I found the connection growing and had a sense of calm, and peacefulness surrounding me, altogether experiencing moments of apprehension, that then pass, and trying to accept and open up to them too.


Hectic day, I could not find time for a formal sitting today, I have by now come to accept that it happens – getting up a little to late, rush out, unexpected encounters on the way back, and out again, with little or no time left…

I attend a class on Tuesday nights, and we always start with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation. I could feel my head heavy with tiredness, and a strong tingling sensation from my ankles top to about half way of my shins – very persistent. I enjoyed being with it, noticing the subtle variations in the tingling.


I decided to try to sit on the floor for 20 minutes. Had settled and manage to start watching my breath when the dog decided that I was her new cushion… When that happened I remember reading Liz comment, and tried to allow the presence of Rowan (that’s the dog) into my sitting – it really didn’t last long,, a 26 kg dog sitting on my ankles was a bit too distracting! I stood up, trying not to put myself down for not sitting, but it is only at bed time that I can sit and bring my awareness to my breath. After a short while: thinking, and back to breath. Then my back started aching, quite intensely. I slowly, deliberately laid down and managed to spend another 15 minutes  bringing my attention back, and back, and back, the constant flow of thoughts arising as soon as I breathed in…


The last day of the first week – my intention today was to be totally present during the Kundalini yoga class. And somehow that did happen for most of the first part, but I noticed my mind going completely off during the final relaxation. It is strange, and I find it fascinating in its own way, how the moment I expect to manage to be more present often ends up being the one when I am in la-la land!


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