Sharon Salzberg 28-days meditation challenge

IMG_8656The 1st of February was the first day of the third 28-days meditation challenge.

I am new to the blogging and internet sharing world, and I still do not know using technology and social media is something that I can connect with my meditation practice, but this may be the opportunity to establish a “journal practice” about what I experience during the sitting.


The first day came, and went, and I practiced just before going to sleep – listening to Sharon’s guided practice, aware of my breath.

Whenever I practice using CD’s I find that a good part of my awareness is focused on the words. I know that that is because as a MBSR facilitator I am always trying to find which words resonate better with me, and which ones I will be using when guiding meditation. So I am aware that my attention is not only on the breath, and that my mind is processing, and planning. And then I bring it back to the breath, sometimes for long spells of time, some others just for one breath – and I do that again, and again.


Busy day, trying to tidy and clean the house for the day retreat that is taking place here tomorrow.

I sat with another guided meditation, this time by Jack Kornfield

Again the same pattern, of attending to the breath and immediately registering the words used. Aware that it annoys me.


Today is different, as I am holding a day of silence and mindfulness in my home.

We alternate periods of sitting and moving meditation, mindful eating, always in silence, and we end the day with 40 minutes of Loving Kindess and sharing. I guide through all of the first sitting, then I reduce the talk and at the last sitting only the sound of the bowl brings us back to the moment every 10 minutes or so.


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